Any unit of measurement

Financial tools are so currency-focused that it makes it difficult to track grassroots exchanges between friends and neighbors. Yet throughout most of human history, trusted parties exchanged goods and services in a much more organic way. Sometimes that meant the transferance of cash; othertimes, goods (e.g. borrowing a proverbial cup of sugar from the neighbor), or even something less tangible like favors and services.

Good Neighbor Meme

When it comes to people you trust and regularly interact with, it’s not just money that’s exchanged and tracked. Say you offer piano lessons, but your student pays you in delicious homecooked meals. Instead of tracking money, track the number of lesson-hours so you always know the scale of feast you are owed. What if your student decides to pay half in cash and half in meals? That’s fine too. Flextab allows you to use any unit of measurement for tracking.

Dropdown List of Currencies
Including Hours
Create Your Own Currency

A comprehensive summary of everything owed will appear at the top of your flextab.